Double Yolk specialize in building teams of 3 to 30 developers to accelerate existing delivery and provide increased bandwidth for the future work on your product development roadmap.
We understand the full extent of your future needs aren't always known and as such require flexible capacity. To keep things easy, Double Yolk only requires short notice periods to onboard and offboard team members as you need.

Engagement Options

In order to ensure successful adoption of our clients technology platform and establishing an effective way of working, Double Yolk have three distinct approaches with our clients based on their needs.  

Integrated hires

Onboard remote IT staff to become members of your current team structure. This model is the most effective for people looking for an alternative to hiring staff locally.

Integrated hires also future proofs your offshoring needs as you have team members who can help bring newer offshore hires up to speed quickly.

Satellite Squads

A Satellite Squad is the most effective way to plug a new cross-functional agile software development team into your pipeline.

Typically run by a Project Manager or Technical lead, this team functions as a captive unit to tackle a distinct projects and reports regularly to your onshore technical managers.

We hand-pick the people best suited for your project, organisation and its culture. Getting the right people ensures that you build what you need, while your product owner has complete control of the team.

Pilot Project

Typically used for one-off projects.  Pilot Projects are best when you need the requirements of your project to be scoped prior to starting the build.

The nature of a pilot project is to roll relevant resources on and off during the engagement at different phases of delivery.

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Locally Managed From Step One

Double Yolk will provide a shortlist of pre-vetted candidates who match your technical and cultural requirements.

Once you select a candidate, Double Yolk will handle onboarding and provide any necessary hardware, software, and IT security.
We will also provide onshore technical support and service check-ins, and will act as an escalation point for any issues that arise.

Double Yolk Security

Police checks

Credit Checks

Reference Checks

All candidates hired by Double Yolk are pre-screened & vetted. Before we place a Yolker on our Approved Talent List, we will have conducted background checks on them.

We keep these on file and are more than happy to share them with you upon selection.


NDA's are signed by Double Yolk resources.

Code of Conduct

A Code of conduct is signed by all developers with employment contingent on strict adherence.

Ongoing Training

Training is provided to all developers on threat identification and mitigation.

HDD Encryption

All devices are encrypted using Bitlocker 256-bit

Firewall & Antivirus

All laptops are configured to auto-update firewall & antivirus upgrades

No Cold Storage

Have no cold storage so data cannot be removed from the laptop via hard drive or USB

Remote Wipe

All hardware is configured with remote wipe systems should they be stolen or compromised

Event tracking & Audit logs

Devices are actively monitored using enterprise scale device management

Endpoint Security

Endpoint detection installed to detect any suspicious behaviour.

Jack Coleman - CEO, Double Yolk
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