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Transport Management SaaS API Expansion​

Expansion of Kiwi-owned transport management system - Double Yolk built a Restful API that is consumable by approved external vendors. The team provided a scalable solution that guaranteed the monetization of carefully thought-out aggregated datasets.​


  • Data that was locked away within core business logic and was not easily accessible​
  • Complex SQL queries coupled with domain knowledge were required to interpret these datasets​
  • The client’s internal resources were only available within 8-18 months​
  • Maintenance of the API was ongoing and internal resources were not available post-build​


  • The client unlocked another healthy revenue stream allowing new opportunities​
  • Business operations continued as usual during the full development cycle with zero system downtime​
  • Internal recourses could continue development on areas they already had extensive domain knowledge​
  • This extra revenue stream allowed our client to both reinvest and start other growth initiatives​

Client impacts

  • Unlocked and expose datasets that were consumable via restful endpoints​
  • These brand-new endpoints adhered to JSON spec. (https://jsonapi.org/)
  • ​DY provided rapid engineers that delivered a well-polished end-result with ongoing maintenance​
  • DY engineers integrated with a Xero API which reduced unnecessary HTTP requests​

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