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Sports Performance SaaS Frontend Migration​

Integrated hires

Data-driven sports performance SaaS company, initiated a client-side migration of Java-compiled Google Web Toolkit to React.js v18. This tactical leap unlocks the React JS ecosystems with an enormous selection of libraries. Consequently, current and future customers have the opportunity to scale and gain accurate outcomes.​


  • Customers requesting solutions that could not be met by the current GWT framework (Framework limitations).​
  • A tightly coupled unconventional implementation of GWT.
  • Difficulty finding local-based engineers that were proficient with GWT, React, and Java.​
  • Very little internal documentation on system structure and dependencies.


  • Internal client resources can now be leveraged to provide growth in other key business areas.​
  • Customer success was immediately obvious through key stakeholder follow-up meetings.
  • Ability to expand SaaS offerings to armed forces performance management services. ​
  • A Large amount of value-added revenue generated from the delivery of this architectural change

Client impacts

  • DY engineers championed Technology migration to open up key deliverables for new customers. ​
  • Standardised approach to containerizing GWT components to high-level React Containers.
  • DY provided the resources to help with the internal company growing pains.​
  • Engineers now have access to the React.js library ecosystem allowing for further solutions.