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Online Learning Application from Scratch using Flutter​

Integrated hires

We deployed FE developers to a Sydney based company to help build a high-spec application that enables users to interact with experts in various real-world domains. The application combined multimedia communication including text, voice notes, voice-to-text and video. Users were able to post questions or add insight to assist other users in the community. ​


  • New concept that explored various technology solutions​
  • VC funded agile development, learn-as-you go model with strong technical competency both in-house and remotely. ​
  • System needed to enable the smooth exchange of information while maintaining data security and privacy ​
  • Detailed user reporting requirement for company stakeholders​


  • Highly secure and scalable application that provides a platform for over 10,000 monthly users ​
  • GDPR compliant across all application sub-systems​
  • Omni-channel reporting with rich metrics covering all users​
  • Support with a well considered roll-out including a beta phase, initial launch and scale-up phase.  ​
  • Detailed documentation of all functions, coding standards and platform dependencies​

Client impacts

  • Seamless team integration of two resources to work on all core functionality and data storage ​
  • Intuitive UI designs and development across both mobile and web​
  • Integration with Firebase for authentication and storage​
  • App integration with Stripe payment gateway system​
  • Video compression using Getx and system backend development in Java​
  • 2 factor authentication (2FA) enabled for all user types​
  • Host of AWS microservices used to enhance functionally and performance of the application ​