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.Net remote pod - global safety SaaS product

Integrated hires

User experience enhancements to Microsoft SSO flow, re-engineering of cloud infrastructure for improved performance. Coupled with a major redesign of the site's top-down navigation.


Unintuitive UI flow for certain users within the application.

  • Complex Coupling between the following databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Cosmos DB.
  • Minimal Ad hoc testing done by client.
  • Low quality mobile push notifications.
  • Site performance impacts with high traffic.
  • Tired main navigation section (Web portal).


  • Enhanced SQL query performance which improved execution speed by x10.
  • 30% reduction in processing time for core background jobs.
  • Automated Unit tests for common user flows.
  • Improved UI that drives more intuitive customer experience.
  • Implementation of complete CI/CD developmentframeworks.

Client impacts

  • Enhanced UI flow for key user groups.
  • Migration to full Azure serverless architecture.
  • Re-engineering of top-down navigation using core UX principles and cascading information architecture.
  • Brand new real-time push notifications system acrossthe application.