Major PHP version upgrade for tourism agency

Satellite squads

Multiple Major version upgrades for PHP monolith application (V5.6 to v8.0). Countless deprecated APIs were replaced and many wholesale changes were needed to the systems architecture. The team was responsible for carrying out discovery sessions and implementing best-fit replacements that passed predefined CI/CD implementations.


  • Entire monolith application requiring migration from PHP 5.6 to version 8.0.
  • Minimal documentation available for the remote pod together business logic requirements.
  • Many defected API’s that required replacements due to deprecation.
  • The agency did not have the internal capability to complete the project.


  • Cost-effective approach for upgrading major PHP versions.
  • The tight-knit DY team works autonomously and only requires one product manager to provide guidance on key deliverables and direction.
  • Database replication implemented for multiple client customers.
  • Enormous system improvement with loading speeds around 30% faster across core web-app functions.

Client impacts

  • The team adopted Blazor and delivered numerous PWA applications at a great rate.
  • The team learned the ABP IO Framework which required overriding the framework-specific modules.
  • Two-way Sync system for Realtime ticket data between DevOps and Mavenlink.
  • Complex mid-project reconfiguration when 3rd Party API integration changed format.
  • DY scrum master lead the remote pod and liaised directly with the product owner. (Opening up growth for the agency).
  • Top-down architecture review and redesign.
Gary Test