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Customizable Zoho Solutions (Civil And Construction)

Integrated hires

Fully extendable web portal that allows this SaaS provider to deliver customised solutions from a pre-built system. Double Yolk led the entire UI/UX redesign which included an additional admin web portal. This new portal allowed admin users to capture and view and articulate insightful (PII).​


  • Lack of clean styling throughout the web portal.​
  • No feature that allowed admin staff to update and view current clients’ jobs/tasks.​
  • Large scalability issues due to a single-tenanted des.​
  • Missing an offline mobile application that remote field staff desperately needed.​
  • The current system required extensive effort to expand the base-level solution.​


  • Additional resources are now available for the client to take on more customers without any new hires.​
  • Future-proofing the business with a clear path to exponential profits.​
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to the offline access that was not available on the web version.​
  • The new internal Zoho build documentation resulted in huge productivity improvements for developers.​

Client impacts

  • Aligned brand redesign across the mobile app and both web portals. ​
  • A mammoth architectural refactor that allowed migration away from a single-tenanted design. ​
  • Offline cross-compatible mobile application that gave instant access to all field staff.​
  • One engineer with limited domain knowledge can now follow streamlined documentation to extend custom Zoho builds.​