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Construction SaaS company rebuild for efficiency

Satellite squads

System-wide refactoring to ensure the PHP application operates in a view-only state. This ensures race conditions are minimized in a system that had an ineffective architectural design. Difficult migration away from Power BI and Yellow Fin to Logi-composer and Snowflake


  • Duplication of data was occurring due to the PHP application having unsolicited permissions.
  • Inefficient use of power BI which was adding over $180k USD in cost per month.
  • Customers having negative experiences throughout their web and mobile applications.
  • Over 300 customers requiring manual recording tools for Power BI – ingesting data manually.
  • Old product Yellow Fin (Data Reporting tool) had limited features. Migration to Logi-composer.
  • Current implementation of Yellow Fin MS SQL required conversion to the snowflake DSL.


  • Enhanced customer experience across the entire platform.
  • Positive changes pre-deployment during the Pen testing phase.
  • Power BI database migration reduced annual server costs by $180k (annual license fees).
  • Improved time to revenue and business generation.

Client impacts

  • Building out the Web API to centralize existing business logic and deliver key new functionality.
  • Huge optimization of Yellow Fins Domain-specific query language.
  • Stored Procedure reduced from 3500 lines to 450.
  • • Expose Customer’s public APIs to allow third party applications to gain additional services
  • Down-size the main Web App (PHP) so that it is presentation-only and enhanced it to deliver key new UI functionality.
  • Implemented Scalable three-tier extract, transform,load process (ETL). Automation-centric style with over300 databases efficiently converted.
  • Rebuilding of the Mobile Apps (Kotlin & SWIFT) and deliver key new Mobile functionality.