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ASX Listed Fintech Cross-Platform UI/UX Redesign ​

Pilot project

A complete UI/UX redesign across the web CRM and Swift/Kotlin mobile applications. This Payment-as-a-Service company also provides a service that can stress test payment solutions with over 60,000 transactions per second. Double Yolk Engineers delivered revitalised interfaces that adhered to customer-built style guides. DY also upgraded deprecated dependencies that were suffocating the predefined product roadmap.


  • Deprecation of various API packages that had multiple co-dependencies throughout the Java SDK.​
  • Customers engineers were constantly battling tech debt. A result of not proactively upgrading software to the latest versions.
  • Unintuitive UI flow that was damaging companies reputation due to frustrated customers. ​
  • A clunky user experience that had tight coupled code across the Web CRM.


  • Complete UI/UX upgrade for the application reducing bounce rate and reducing total customer actions required​
  • The client can now meet existing stakeholder deadlines on the product delivery roadmap.
  • The client did not need to use stretched internal resources to deliver the project ​
  • Mobile first design, responsive in both portrait and landscape and tested on over 30 device types.

Client impacts

  • DY engineers replaced the splash API and researched and implemented suitable replacements. ​
  • DY implemented a streamlined deposit-checking patch that included a complex filtering system.
  • DY business analysts worked co-currently with in-house client designers ​
  • Our aligned partnership positioned our engineers to deliver beautiful user experiences.

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